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  • Within the services sector of the EU, it is relevant to highlight the tourism industry. In global terms, Europe is the region that receives most international tourists and also the one that generates the greatest revenues from this activity.
  • Tourism is of great economic, social and cultural importance in Europe. In fact, the wealth and variety of its cultural legacy makes Europe a tourism reference at the global scale.
  • In the EU, 10% of GDP either directly or indirectly depends on tourism. Furthermore, the sector employs 9.7 m workers in 1.8 m companies. We can therefore say that tourism has a great importance for employment and economic development in the EU.
  • The EU has the objective of maintaining its position of leadership and of maximising the contribution of tourism to growth and employment.
  • Even so, the EU lacks a tourism policy that treats Europe as a single destination because the promotion of tourism continues to be a competence of its member states.